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Do you have warehouse, motorcycle parts store or custom shop and want to be main distributor of our products in your area? or do you have automotive factory/industry and need to make some parts of the seats for your industry? 

  • Join us to become our wholesale distributor and we will supply our products at factory prices so you can sell and distribute the products from store to store to double your profits. 

  • We produce and supply more than 50 types of motorcycle seats essential parts from Plastic fiber (BasePlate) seat, PU Foam seat and many brands of good quality water resistance PVC automotive Synthetic Leather that suitable for all kind of motorcycle seats and car seats for your store and we can produce any types of seats that you need for your industry/manufacturer.                                                               

  • Our supports to grow your wholesale motorcycle parts and automotive leather business including free marketing service for 3 complete months, banners, sample, etc.                                                                     


Thanks for submitting! we're reviewing your application and we"ll reply you within 1-2 business days.

  1. NOTE: Currently our company still distribute aftermarket motorcycle seats essential parts such Fiber Plastic Seat, PU Foam Seat for types of motorcycle / scooter that available in Indonesian market. If the country outside Indonesia would like to make the types of motorcycle seats please email to We can make all types of motorcycle seats and if you would like to make any particular of seats from us, we can make it but with minimum purchase order.

  2. Only for the PU/PVC Automotive Synthetic leather (leather material only) we can shipping to other country with no minimum purchase at least 1 roll (between 35-45 meters). Because all the leather suitable for all types for motorcycle seats and car seats, depends on legal regulations from Government in every country.

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