Motorcycle Seat Foams

Feel the comfort, soft and good Genuine quality made by Polyurethane and processed with high  technology to produce good motorcycle seat foam product to enjoy your ride.

Creating the comfort and feel of your comfortable motorcycle seats

The varied elements of material foam such as texture and chemical component designed to create harmonious, soft comfortable motorcycle seats to ensure the quality remain genuine and original.

At Bungur Jaya, we produce good quality motorcycle seat foams (cushion), clean, soft that good for your back and suitable for long ride and to customize your seats.


Genuine Quality Seat Foam / Busa Ori Jok Motor.


The Warehouse of Motorcycle Seats & PVC Leather

Head Office and Distribution Center

Jl. Cempaka Putih Barat 26 No: 42

Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.


        (+6221) 4252216

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