Automotive Synthetic Leather Fabric

We have wide range of areas for automotive synthetic leather fabric material that become part of your lifestyle. Suitable for motorcycle and car upholstery leather seats

Bungur Jaya's Automotive leather Fabric offers Products that become Part of your lifestyle

Bungur Jaya business provides many complete brands for automotive Synthetic Leather speciality for motorcycle/car upholstery leather seats material, car interior leather kit, leather seat covers material made by trusted credible manufacturer with great quality technology in their classes, suitable for automotive industry, motorcycle seat modification and automotive interior upholstery creative industry. Our products bring people a richer lifestyle and are used in a variety of situations. We offers good quality vinyl (PVC) for automotive synthetic leather which is resistant to all weather conditions with affordable prices.



The Warehouse of Motorcycle Seats & PVC Leather

Head Office and Distribution Center

Jl. Cempaka Putih Barat 26 No: 42

Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.


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