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Automotive & Motorcycle Synthetic Leather Materials

Our Mission: To bring innovation, quality, style and performance to every Automotive & Motorcycle Rider. If You have a Vehicle, You are the Best Rider.


Morgan Automotive & Motorcycle Synthetic Leather is the Automotive upholstery materials for motorcycle seats, car seats, seat covers and interior upholstery for all types of vehicles which gives the impression of elegance and transform the look of your vehicle's interior at a very affordable prices. Morgan is specifically designed for Indonesian riders who prioritising good quality upholstery materials for their motorcycle seats / car vehicle's interior without costing a lot of money but still look stylish for their ride. Morgan has been release since 2017 and made by one of the best synthetic leather manufacturer in Indonesia with good quality materials in their class and varian of colours to ensure the best quality for the products that suitable in all weather conditions. To guarantee the authenticity of the material, the original of Morgan is always marked with                  logo printed on the backing cloth.


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